Our Clients

We've come up with countless customized ergonomic safety and efficiency solutions over the years and have been honored to work closely with a plethora of clients from a diverse number of industries. Our customers featured here have placed their trust and safety in the hands of S.A.F.E. Structure Designs, and we stand ready to do the same for you! Contact Us today to get started on your own customized safety and efficiency solution!

United States Air Force United States Navy United States Coast Guard
United States Marines United States Army United States Department of Homeland Security
United States Army National Guard Nassau County Police Aviation Bureau Tennessee Valley Authority
Erickson Columbia Helicopters Air Methods
Bell Helicopters Airbus Eurocopter
Nextera Energy United Rotorcraft Schweizer
HALO Hawker Pacific Med Trans
pilatus gulfstream hawker
bombardier agusta boing
embraer md Robinson
cessna Bell Sikorsky
russian enstrom learjet