Outfitting The USCG's fleet of MH-60 Jayhawks in Clearwater, FL

  • Industry: Aviation
  • Client: The United States Coast Guard
  • Products:
    • Combined Parts Rack
    • Cowling Rack
    • Drive Shaft Rack & Blade Rack

The Problem:

With limited hangar space, parts storage was a huge issue during heavy maintenance of the aircraft fleet. There was no central location to keep parts, and when the rotor blades were removed, there was no place to store them either. Lack of storage meant that numerous aircraft parts were being damaged while laying on the ground. Organization was also an issue in this environment, and parts cages needed to be specified and assigned to each aircraft to ensure that the correct parts were staying with each aircraft.


The Solution:

S.A.F.E. Structure worked alongside the USCG MH-60 maintenance crew to evaluate the high cost, poor quality as well as product inefficiencies of their existing hangar equipment which was delivered by another manufacturer. We were able to cut costs for the USCG and increase hangar space by developing a single, safety first ergonomic unit that combines the parts rack, cowling rack, drive shaft rack and blade rack all-in-one. We also redesigned the USCG’s basic work tables to have more durability with less cost.

Working in tandem with the USCG, S.A.F.E. Structure Designs was able to design a system that promotes mechanic safety and efficiency, while being cognizant of hangar space and storage functionality. We were able to do this while working within a cost effective budget for the USCG. We also reduced shipping costs to the USCG by utilizing our manufacturing facilities strategically placed in various locations throughout the United States.

Ergonomic Hangar Equipment for New Mexico Army National Guard

  • Industry: Aviation
  • Client: The Army National Guard, New Mexico
  • Products:
    • EC145/UH 72/Lakota Cowling Rack
    • Engine/Transmission/Main Rotor Maintenance Right/Left Side Stands
    • Tail Rotor Maintenance Stand
    • Blade Rack

The Problem:

The Army National Guard in New Mexico was having issues locating a company to manufacture maintenance stands custom to their aircraft. They needed a solution that could help mitigate issues relating to their limited hangar space. First, there was limited space to store parts during heavy maintenance of the aircraft, and there was no central location to keep parts during repairs. Secondly there were numerous aircraft parts that were damaged because they were laying on the ground during maintenance. Thirdly, when the rotor blades were removed, there was no storage place for them, so there was a much higher chance of them being damaged during maintenance. Lastly, organization was an issue. The parts cages needed to be specified and assigned to each aircraft to ensure that the correct parts were staying with each aircraft.

The Solution:

Utilizing our well seasoned design & engineering team of ergonomic specialists, along with feedback from the Army National Guard, SAFE Structure completed a full line of custom maintenance support equipment to accommodate the UH-72 Lakota / EC-145 aircraft. The full line of maintenance support equipment includes a set of maintenance stands, cowling racks and blade racks. The ergonomic safety maintenance stands provide the highest level of safe access to the hydraulics and avionics, as well as the engines, transmission, main rotor, exhaust sections, tail boom, and tail rotor. What's more is that the extended and contoured decks allow multiple mechanics to work in separate areas of the aircraft while utilizing the same maintenance stand.

Fire Suppression Bottle Check Stand for the USCG in Mobile, AL

  • Industry: Aviation
  • Client: The United States Coast Guard, Mobile, AL
  • Product: Custom MH-60 Fire Suppression Bottle Check Stand
  • Maintenance: Fire Suppression Bottle/Left Tail Boom

The Problem:

The USCG could not find a company that has manufactured a stand to access the fire suppression bottle, mechanics were risking their safety by accessing the fire suppression bottle using ladders because there was not a stand like this in existence. They had no option for a solution because the companies they had contacted to bid the job were not willing to do a free site visit.


The Solution:

S.A.F.E. Structure Designs conducted a free site visit with the USCG in Mobile, Alabama and worked closely with them to design a solution that would meet their needs. The check stand was designed for ergonomic access to the fire suppression bottle for the MH-60 Jayhawk during inspection, routine maintenance or complete overhaul, and is the first of its kind. The check stand’s complex design ensures a complete contour to the aircraft, and it adjusts to the proper working height. Our design team accounted for the various heights of the aircraft depending on the fuel load, parts, and accessories during overhaul and standard maintenance. This check stand increases the mechanic’s efficiency while providing a safe working environment.

Chief Warrant Officer, Scott Walton, United States Coast Guard, Mobile, AL states, “Our maintenance team completes 62,500 maintenance labor hours a year and S.A.F.E.’s manufactured equipment has made a substantial impact concerning the safety and comfort of my crew on the hangar deck. My team has found the quality of the S.A.F.E. Structure team, their maintenance platforms/stands, and hangar equipment to be top notch.

S.A.F.E.’s extreme passion concerning safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction is one of the many aspects that sets them apart from like companies. Their attention to detail and seamless process is highly appreciated by my team. S.A.F.E. has proven then will go the extra mile to provide us with exactly what we need.”

Custom Rolls Royce Allison 250, C20, C30, C47 Engine Stand for Med Trans Corp

  • Industry: Aviation
  • Client: Med Trans Corporation
  • Product: Custom Rolls Royce Allison 250, C20, C30, C47 Engine Stand
  • Maintenance: Rolls Royce Allison 250, C20, C30, C47 Engine

The Problem:

The engine stand that Med Trans Corp was working with was not efficient and doubled the mechanic’s work time. They were on tight time constraints to complete the overhaul on the engines and were in need of a stand that could be manufactured and sent to them within a two-week time period.


The Solution:

Med Trans Corporation expressed budget limitations and the imperative need for delivery of the engine stand to take place within a two-week period. Due to tight time constraints on the overhaul maintenance of engines, Med Trans mechanics needed an engine stand that would function ergonomically and efficiently as opposed to their current stand which was ridged and inefficient. With S.A.F.E.’s Engine Stand, the mechanic can effortlessly mount the engine into the stand and seamlessly rotate it 360 degrees with a hand crank.

SAFE was able to exceed all the demands of Med Trans Corporation, and the Engine Stand was delivered ahead of schedule utilizing our proprietary jet engine shipping container which includes two engine maintenance stands all-in-one. Our newly designed model shipping container has been favored throughout the industry.

Johnny Buscema, S.A.F.E. Structure’s President and CEO, comments “Most of the time, SAFE Structure customers rely on us to solve their unique set of project requirements. We appreciate all of our customers and enjoy the challenges presented. Powder Coating Med Trans Corps’ custom engine stand orange and blue to match their aircraft was especially satisfying… all I can say is, “GO GATORS!”

Support Equipment For the US Navy's Aircraft Carrier Ships

  • Industry: Marine
  • Client: United States Navy
  • Product: Helical Brow Winch

The Problem:

The Navy contacted S.A.F.E. to remedy what they determined as an unattainable solution to their problem. They were unable to find a system that met their stringent deadline and critical application needs, we came up with a solution for a custom-designed system addressing all challenges and technical obstacles, thereby creating what we call our "S.A.F.E. Helical Winch Platform System."

President and CEO of S.A.F.E. Structure, Johnny Buscema explains: "We are proud and excited to introduce an engineering marvel that provides a S.A.F.E. ergonomic working environment for our United States Navy operators. The key to our success in solving problems for our customers is, when we hit dead-end roads, that’s when we sit back and let God show us the way.”


The Solution:

S.A.F.E.’s Helical Winch Platform System is the first of its kind, air-driven platform system. The custom designed system provides unmatched ergonomic efficiency and unparalleled safety for the operators.

Custom Maintenance Stands to Outfit the Leonardo AW169

  • Industry: Aviation
  • Client: Next Era Energy
  • Product: AW169 Custom Maintenance Stand

The Problem:

This was the first ever AW169 to enter The United States. Next Era could not find a company that had previously designed custom stands for this particular aircraft.


The Solution:

Before beginning the design process for the AW169, S.A.F.E Structure’s design team collected precise measurements of the aircraft and met with Leonardo Helicopters to discuss recommended maintenance procedures and critical areas on the aircraft needing special consideration for the new maintenance platforms.

In addition, feedback from the mechanics also aided S.A.F.E. in designing ergonomically sound platforms that would allow safe access around the helicopter, decrease unwanted accidents and falls, and decrease damage to the helicopter’s exterior surface.

Extreme attention to detail and integration of Leonardo Helicopter’s added requests and alterations gave S.A.F.E. the edge, and it was then awarded the contract to outfit the AW169. Production has begun and will be completed by February 2019.

“Having the privilege to create the maintenance stands for the first AW169 in the U.S. is an honor that we do not take lightly,” stated Johnny Buscema, president and chief executive officer of S.A.F.E. “We have an expert team creating the most well-crafted and highest quality products that uphold our reputation and always maximize the safety and ergonomic efficiency for mechanics. We appreciate Next Era Energy for trusting S.A.F.E. to satisfy their maintenance tooling needs.”