Custom Aircraft Shade Canopies


The adjustable features of the S.A.F.E. Shade Canopy allow the mechanic to perform routine maintenance on the flight line in the safety of shade from the scorching sun. The unique design can withstand winds up to 20 knots with the Canopy open. The innovative design is sturdy enough to account for wind yet light enough to easily be moved around the ramp as needed by hand or tug. The maintenance work deck is adjustable in height allowing the mechanic to perform all tasks in comfort and safety. All the components are secured to prevent breakage or FOD. Studies have shown that S.A.F.E. Structure Design’s products increase technicians efficiency by 50%, and increase SAFETY by 75%.

Product Details

  • Product Name:Aircraft Shade Canopy
  • Part Number:FW-ADJSC-S-FM-ADS

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