Press Release Date: 12/11/20

S.A.F.E. is Providing Maintenance Stands to Airbus Helicopters

S.A.F.E. is Providing Maintenance Stands to Airbus Helicopters
S.A.F.E. Structure Designs CEO Johnny Buscema visiting with safety advocate Terry Palmer at Airbus Helicopters facilities in Texas. S.A.F.E. Photo

S.A.F.E. Structure Designs is pleased to announce the order for custom maintenance stands for the Airbus Helicopters Maintenance Training center in Texas. The SAFETY FIRST ergonomic stands allow technicians SAFE access to all areas of the aircraft. The stands are equipped with the latest features including anti-fatigue mat and tool trays to increase comfort and efficiency. The stands are light weight and easy to move around. These stands provide a large work platform for added safety and will be used in the training programs for maintenance technicians. Technicians from around the world train in the support of Airbus Helicopters at this facility.

“Airbus Helicopters needed maintenance stands that could provide safe access all areas of the aircraft.” said Johnny Buscema, S.A.F.E. CEO. “Our custom design provides the instructor and the student with a stand that improves safety and efficiency. This support equipment enhances the outstanding maintenance training provided to Airbus customers. We have provided similar support equipment for a wide range of helicopters and airplanes in both the civilian and military sector.”

S.A.F.E. Structure Designs is the global leader in maintenance support equipment that strives to put safety first. S.A.F.E. listens to the needs of the maintenance teams and designs custom equipment to the exact specifications that consider realistic ergonomic factors as well as efficiency. S.A.F.E provides the answers to the unique challenges of working on complex aircraft.